They say everything in life has a why behind it. Why do we do this? Or why do we do that? Why do we go here? Or why do we go there? You get the point. So as I start this blog I figured I should share my why. You may be expecting some big long drawn out answer as to why I started to blog. But really, I have three whys and they’re each quite simple.

The first why I have is that writing a blog is actually on my bucket list. When I turned 20 I made a list of “twenty things to do in my 20’s” and writing a blog was one of those twenty items. So since I am in my 20’s and have not written a blog yet, why not start now?

My second why is that I honestly just love to talk. And because I love to talk I also love to write. I have about eight journals I write in currently. Writing a blog is just another way for me to talk and write.

My third why is that keeping a blog will help me keep my own mind straight. It will help me sort out my ideas and thoughts as I go through life. It will help me keep track of how I have grown and things I have learned. And it will help me remember experiences I have had and places I have been.

So because of those three whys I will be blogging about my experiences as a travel nurse and my thoughts that I have along the way.

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