Hotel Hopping

We climbed out of the Uber car, walked up the stairs, and entered an elegant building.  This was our fifth hotel we’d visited that night and we weren’t sure what to expect.  Walking in, everyone was dressed in their best and it was quite crowded.  We walked over to the elevator where we were stopped by a hotel worker who had a list in his hand. The hotel worker asked, “Are you two a part of the wedding party?” and we both answered, “Yes, yes we are.”  Our answer was probably a little too hesitant as the hotel worker replied, “I don’t believe you, but I’ll let you ladies up anyways.” From here, we were able to enter the elevator and ride to the top floor where we had a magnificent view of the skyline of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Before that night, I had never hotel hopped myself or even heard of it.  Maybe it’s still not a thing, but it should be.  A couple Friday nights ago, my roommate and I wanted to go to a rooftop restaurant in New Orleans.  We heard many hotels had rooftop patios so we decided to give it a shot. We chose one of the top ones that popped up when we googled “hotel rooftops.” This place was called Monkey Board located at the top of the Troubadour Hotel ( This hotel is in the Central Business District.  From the rooftop you were amidst all the skyscrapers of the area, and could see the roads packed with vehicles.  We got there just in time to order dinner and take pictures on the rooftop before the rain came in.  We ended up bringing our dinner inside, but once the rain passed we decided to continue on to more rooftops.

The Catahoula Hotel was our next stop (  It was just a couple blocks down from the Monkey Board.  It was in an older building, and the inside was very rustic.  It was brick with stool colors of blue and yellow.  There was a little courtyard and then an elevator that went up to the rooftop.  The rooftop area was currently closed, but you could still go up to look around.  It was very rustic, quaint and homey feeling. We explored on the rooftop, then found a winding staircase down to the lobby area.

We walked down the street a little bit more to the Aloft Hotel (  We thought they had a rooftop area, but we were wrong.  They did have a cool lobby and lounge area though where they had a bar & restaurant and games to play – such as Jenga and Chess.

Next up was the Roosevelt Hotel (  We felt very out of place here.  There was a tall, gold revolving door to enter.  There were crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, people walking around in ball gowns, gold detail everywhere, and even security guards.  We felt like royalty there, though so out of place. It was so fancy and elegant and I’m sure our mouths were open as we were walking through.

Our last stop was the Pontchartrain Hotel ( After pretending we were in the wedding party and making it up the elevator, we were greeted by the most beautiful view of the city.  This hotel was on the other side of the city and faced toward the business district where the skyscrapers of the city stand.  The lights on the buildings were twinkling among the black sky.  It was truly a beautiful sight.


So a night that had started off by wanting dinner at a rooftop restaurant and then getting rained on; turned into a night full of hotel hopping and seeing the different sites the city has to offer.  So if you’re looking for a new place to go or eat, check out the hotel in your area; you might be pleasantly surprised.

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