New Orleans Food

So lets talk food!! New Orleans is known for it’s food and before I went down there everyone was telling me how I was going to have the best food experience EVER!  So I have put together a list of the must-eats while in New Orleans and where some of the best places to eat... Continue Reading →

Famous Streets in New Orleans

New Orleans is full of history and culture and music and energy.  The streets here are exploding with all of those to prove it.  Taking a stroll down any of the streets will take you past unique shops, delicious restaurants, or colorful houses.  New Orleans is turning 300 years old this year, so a lot... Continue Reading →

Mardi Gras Survival Guide

If you're planning on going to a Mardi Gras Parade (or multiple) there are a couple tips & tricks that are handy to know so you are fully prepared and can make the most of the day! Side-note: these tips can also apply to other New Orleans parades. 1. Beat the Crowd New Orleans' natives... Continue Reading →

Mardi Gras Behind the Scenes

When people hear "Mardi Gras," they immediately think of a day filled with drinking and flashing.  I'm here to let you know, that is not what Mardi Gras is all about.  In fact, besides in the French Quarter, flashing is actually illegal in the city of New Orleans.  Living in New Orleans for the whole... Continue Reading →

Hotel Hopping

We climbed out of the Uber car, walked up the stairs, and entered an elegant building.  This was our fifth hotel we'd visited that night and we weren't sure what to expect.  Walking in, everyone was dressed in their best and it was quite crowded.  We walked over to the elevator where we were stopped... Continue Reading →

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