All About Travel Nursing Video

I want to start out by saying, Happy Nurses Week everyone!! Wether you are a nurse or a nursing student, you deserve to feel appreciated this week☺️ I was asked to put together a video about travel nursing for the company Wanderly Nurses and I decided to also share it with all of you! In... Continue Reading →

FAQ About Travel Nursing

Agency How do you pick an agency? There are so many agencies you can choose from and it does get overwhelming.  When picking an agency, you have to know what you want.  Some agencies offer some out of state assignments such as the Virgin Islands or Guam, and some agencies are just for in the... Continue Reading →


They say everything in life has a why behind it. Why do we do this? Or why do we do that? Why do we go here? Or why do we go there? You get the point. So as I start this blog I figured I should share my why. You may be expecting some big long... Continue Reading →

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