Travel Anniversary

This weekend marked my one-year anniversary with travel nursing. One year ago I had no idea where I would be a year from then (Switzerland, btw). In fact, I was unsure how I would end up liking travel nursing and joked with my coworkers that they’d probably see me back in three months. Little did... Continue Reading →

Advice From a Pilot

A couple months ago I was on a flight back to Charleston and I sat by a pilot. I was exhausted from missing flights, bad weather and not much sleep. I was pretty tired of talking to strangers, but this kind gentleman sat down next to me, introduced himself, and started talking. I decided to... Continue Reading →


They say everything in life has a why behind it. Why do we do this? Or why do we do that? Why do we go here? Or why do we go there? You get the point. So as I start this blog I figured I should share my why. You may be expecting some big long... Continue Reading →

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