Duluth, Minnesota

Racing down to see the ships come into the port; eating fudge from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory; walking along the boardwalk that borders Lake Superior; and visiting the lighthouses are some of my favorite memories from this city. Duluth, Minnesota, has been one of my family's favorite places to visit for as long as... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Things {in Charleston}

After 16 weeks in Charleston, West Virginia, I have come to love certain places. I have also learned things like where to get my gas or where to buy groceries. It is exciting going to a new city and having to learn all these things, getting settled in, and finding your new favorite places and/or... Continue Reading →

75 Hours in Washington D.C.

I have always wanted to visit our nation's capitol.  I thought it would be interesting to see the area that our country stems from and  all the sites where history has occurred.  Last week I had a couple days off of work and decided I would do a quick trip to Washington D.C.  I would... Continue Reading →

Bridge Day

Three, two, one, see ya! Next thing you know, you're falling at an immense speed through the air toward a river below; hoping that you land on the beach and not in the river or trees. This is Bridge Day. Bridge Day takes place every year on the third Saturday in October in celebration of... Continue Reading →

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